We have the best team in the business, unmatched in customer service. We’re experts in a variety of offerings that will help drive value to your business, consistently creating sustainable advantages.


ISPM #15 Compliance  |  Wood Crate Stenciling and Markings – 

Our employees have been trained to ensure that your packaging meets the requirements of ISPM #15, and that they are legibly and properly stamped and marked so that they easily pass border inspection.

We apply internationally acceptable markings that clearly communicate how to handle your assets throughout the globe. We also provide unlimited stenciling, marking, labeling, and other wood crating services that assists in the transportation of your products during its journey. We work with you to ensure your expectations are met, and equipment and products safely arrive at its final destination. We are with you every step of the way!


Sustainable Export Packaging  |  Lumber Stamping Services – 

We not only custom engineer ISPM #15 compliant packaging for your specific asset, we ensure that the package itself is environmentally safe and that the materials used in production come from sustainable forests, where possible.

Additionally, our team of experts regularly provide lumber stamping services. Whether you require 2×4’s or 1×4’s for bracing or extra dunnage, we can cut to size, or provide full length materials in any quantity to your dock – stamped in increments of 12″, 24″, or 36″, or what you may require.


On-Site Services  |  In-House Wood Crating Design – 

We can crate and provide stamping at our facility or send a team to you for on-site packaging services. It may not be convenient for you to ship your product to an off-site facility; there’s added cost, insurance, quality or security reasons. In these circumstances, let the pros come to you. Our team can pre-make the crate and have it ready for final assembly, which we could easily accomplish. 

Furthermore, our expertise extends to how we provide suggestions on how to best protect your assets. We can provide custom design solutions, corrections,  or modifications to your pre-engineered packaging, ensuring the best fit and options for your asset’s travels. Its what we do.


Packaging Materials | Bags | Tape | Corrugated |Bubble Wrap – 

LEFCO can provides all types of packaging options to help secure your product. From desiccant material, to foil bags, to protective moisture barriers…we’ll offer our suggestions, or feel free to ask if you have a special preference.


Line Sequencing  |  Sub-Assembly – 

The delivery of parts to a manufacturing plant Just-In-Time (“JIT”) and in the proper build sequence is critical in today’s highly efficient and fast-paced production world. Our sequencing program optimizes production efficiency, reduces storage space issues and other unnecessary wastes. Plus it allows you to focus on your core business, not sub-assembly or sequencing. From tires and wheels, to electronics, we can handle it all.